About RempRack

Original RempRack

RempRack started with a Dad trying to find a way to haul the family's five bicycles in the pickup on an extended camping trip. The family was planning to join a large group of friends at a distant campground which offered great bicycling. He knew what he wanted, but was unable to find one as an existing product. So, he built one directly into the pickup truck using some of the deck boards that remained from a recent deck project. Some refinements were made, the bicycles were mounted, and they left on their trip - thinking nothing more of it.

Then it started...

On that trip - and every trip since he was approached in campgrounds, parking lots, and rest areas by other dads - frequently with children in tow - asking where he got that bike rack, and where they might get one. So, a patented attorney was engaged, some patents were filed, and a nearby fabricator and engineering staff was engaged.

After working through several prototypes, a usable unit was in the family pickup truck for the summer of 2010. Further refinements were make through the summer, and full production in place for the 2011 season and beyond.

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