Standard Leg Rack


RempRack 101-R

The RempRack 101-R is the standard or (R)egular model whereby the vertical supports come straight down and sit on the Pickup bed floor directly inside the sidewall.

RempRack 101-N

The RempRack 101-N is a special "narrow base" model for the Pickup Truck models that have sidewalls that curve inward toward the bed floor. These Pickup Trucks (Ford F250 and many short-bed 1/2 ton models) do not have flat foot space directly inside the sidewall. The RempRack 101-N is designed to accommodate this with a narrow base that allows the feet to sit a further distance from the sidewall on flat surface.

RempRack for 5th Wheel Towing

RempRack is now developing RempRack models for 5th Wheel Towing.

RempRack Trailers

RempRack is now offering custom Bicycle Transportation Trailers for 10, 15, 20, or more bicycles.

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